The Size of Things

This isn’t a tech tip, but I think it helps in life in general to have a decent understanding of the size of things. So here are three links for you to check out:

Powers of Ten

The first is a video I watched in college called The Powers of Ten. It takes all the way from the size of our universe to subatomic particles. It’s pretty long for modern Internet standards (nine minutes) but worth it:

The Scale of the Universe

The second is a nice little interactive app by Cary Huang that lets you drag a slider to zoom in and out of the size of things. Like the Powers of Ten it can take you from the most macro to the most micro:


Observable Universe (in Pictures)

And lastly is a nifty little blog post from Zumfeed, “26 Pictures Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Entire Existence.”

observable universe

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