The Age of the Makers

As we all know, machines are taking over the world. This is said tongue-in-cheek yet with a grain of truth. As we look at the future of jobs, it is clear that anything that can be automated, will be.

Over the last 100 years, the need for factory line workers and those performing repetitive tasks has been on a steady decline.


The growing sectors are those that can’t be accomplished by a robot or software. The service industry–nursing, teaching, fixing things–require hands-on multi-faceted engagement that machines just can’t do.

Creativity, as well, is a prized commodity, one smart parents and teachers are nourishing in modern students. This is particularly true when you consider how easy it is nowadays to take an idea and bring it to life.

Take the Sphero, for example. A modern idea made possible by creativity, 3D-printing technology, and modern manufacturing. The Sphero team was able to pitch their idea to Disney and won the rights to produce a working BB8 toy. They’re making a killing this holiday season.

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