Ryan’s OSX+Google Mastery List

Ryan’s OSX+Google Mastery List can be viewed in its entirety by clicking here.

Google and Apple both have fantastic products that can improve our productivity. Unfortunately, in many ways, the two companies are in direct competition.

They’re competing for your love, but will settle for your clicks.

Because of this silly competition, they don’t integrate as well as we’d like. For example Apple’s voice dictation works great when I’m dictating into an Apple app like Pages, but it gets glitchy when dictating into a Google Chrome window.

The objective of this OSX+Google Master List is to provide a reference skeleton of select elements of the OSX and Google environments. These elements are selected for their utility relative to similar tools available right now* and taking into consideration various factors like time-to-product, overhead, and compatibility.

* The technology will have changed by the time you finish reading this. It already has. Fortunately, a gDoc is easy to update. This one was last modernized on February 20th, 2016.

The List is meant to be mastered in a linear fashion from beginning to end. Each of the bullets you should understand and be able to make use of. As you proceed through the list, anything you encounter you’re not familiar with, stop and explore. Some information is so discreet, it is explicitly provided for you, but most bullets are keywords requiring you to discover the information and explore the concept yourself. If you get stuck refer to the Core Concepts. After you’ve been through the list once, go through it as many times necessary to review and refine your skills.


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