How to View Most Recent Instead of Top Stories on Facebook

Many casual Facebook users may not realize that the site is working hard to present you with stories you want to see (well, the ones *it thinks* you want to see). In a nutshell, if you click “Like” on every cat picture you see, you’ll see more and more of cat pictures.

This results in a non-chronological news feed where the things on top are things with higher activity (likes, comments). They’re also the things the Facebook algorithm thinks you’re more likely to want to see.

You can view Most Recent posts in your feed instead of Top Stories. Facebook defaults (and reverts) back to Top Stories when you visit again, but if you click Most Recent you’ll see posts based on when they were posted, and not on Facebook’s algorithm for what it thinks you want see:


Bonus tip: One handy thing about the Most Recent feed, is it has its own URL. Try switching between the two and notice the URL in your browser changes:

My guess is the “h_chr” in the URL is for “chronological.” The Top Stories URL ends in “h_nor” which I’m guessing is for “normal.”

The fact the URLs are you unique is great. It means you can save yourself a direct bookmark in your browser. Me, I have one bookmark for the normal news feed, and another for the chronological:


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