Google Search for Visual Learners

If you’re a visual learner, Google’s, “Images” search can be a fantastic tool. Particularly if you’re looking to define something of a concept that doesn’t fit into a single word.

For example, a creative writer starts to use the phrase “rocky enclave” but isn’t sure she’s using it correctly. The dictionary only gives her part of the picture:


The words don’t show it to her, and so the writer might go to Google and search for “rocky enclave”:


The 1,5 million results are all websites with words. So she clicks on Images. Now her search comes to life:


Except, she’s not interested in the Buick Enclave. So she tells Google to subtract a term from her results using the minus sign. Here’s what the Image search result for “rocky enclave -car” looks like:


She’s able to see a rocky enclave is not what she pictured, and decides to use “rocky nook” instead.

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